11 Things You're Probably Not Using In HubSpot That You Should Be


October 25, 2022
AEST 11:00 AM

The event has now ended. Please find some useful resources below.


Helpful Resources For You

Access the slide deck

Click here to access the Google Slide Deck

If easier you can download a PDF of the deck here.

HubShots 11 Things Slide Deck

Watch the recording

The recording of the event presentation is now available.

Our Goal For You

Our goal for you with this event is simple:

Implement one key item in the next 30 days

Come away with one (yes, just one) key item/setting/tool/priority in HubSpot that you will implement in the next 30 days.

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Your Hosts For The Event

Ian Jacob


Ian Jacob

CEO and Founder of Search & Be Found.

Ian is a business growth strategist specialising in marketing and sales strategy with a focus on HubSpot automation. With 16+ years of experience, Ian has worked with companies like Macquarie Bank, Ericsson, and Telstra (and he hopes to add you to that list!).



Craig Bailey


Craig Bailey

CEO and Founder of  XEN Systems.

Craig has more than 30 years experience working in software development and IT. With a thorough understanding of both the technical and business sides of HubSpot software, he’s focussed on delivering process improvement to companies using HubSpot as the foundation.