HubSpot CMS with Kevin Fremon from Helpful Hero - Part 2 (HubShots Special Interview)

HubSpot CMS with Kevin Fremon from Helpful Hero - Part 1 (HubShots Special Interview)

Episode 287: INBOUND22 Thoughts

Episode 286: HubSpot Campaign Analytics, HubSpot Comments, Actions Menus reminder, Can you convert an Automated Email to Regular?

Episode 285: HubSpot Form Options, Paid Channels Overreliance, Custom Report Builder

Episode 284: How To Manage Your Contacts in HubSpot Efficiently

Episode 283: HubSpot Top Tips August 2022 Edition

Episode 282: HubSpot CMS Free Quick Overview, Plus Improvements to CMS Starter

Episode 281: HubSpot Call to Action (CTAs) Best Practices

Episode 280: HubSpot Lists Best Practices (for Building Marketing Campaigns)

Episode 279: HubSpot Forms Best Practices (for Building Marketing Campaigns)

Episode 278: Building a Campaign in HubSpot from Start to Finish (Best Practices)

Episode 277: HubSpot Top Tips April 2022 Edition

Episode 276: Detailed Overview of HubSpot Service Hub

Episode 275: Conversations Inbox Hacks, Service Hub Protected KB articles, and HubSpot’s Pirate Ad

Episode 274: Enterprise Functionality, Email Open Rates in Apple Mail, Sales Pipeline Partitioning

Episode 273: Reducing Friction, Marketing Contact Recommendations, Custom Quote Templates and Deal Unenrollment Tips, Plus ROI in Life

Episode 272: When to Use Internal Marketing Emails Plus Ways to Manage Multiple Deal Pipelines Properties for your Sales Teams

Episode 271: The Lazy Salespersons’ Cheat Sheet to using HubSpot

Episode 270: How to be Efficient with HubSpot across Sales, Marketing & Service

Episode 269: Tips for Using Lists, Deal Pipeline Properties, Shared Task Queues, and Staying Calm

Episode 268: Top 17 Favourite Features in HubSpot

Episode 267: Top 16 Frustrations with HubSpot

Episode 266: Why HubSpot Email Preference Groups are finally awesome, plus tips for creating Tickets from Conversations

Episode 265: Optimizing Customer Experience with HubSpot Service Hub

Episode 264: HubSpot Social Monitoring, Reporting on Meetings & Avoid being sent to Spam

Episode 263: Inbound Announcements that mattered, Sending internal notifications tips

Episode 262:  Save time with HubSpot Saved Sections, Deal Splits & Workflow property clearing. Plus Facebook Fallout.

Episode 261:  Ad Sequences, Adding to Audiences using Workflow Actions and breaking down big goals

Episode 260: Simple Steps, HubSpot KB changes, HubSpot Email Health Reports, and HubSpot Rotate Owner Workflow Action tips

Episode 259: HubSpot CRM Suite Professional teardown

Episode 258: HubSpot Custom Surveys, Workflow Email Actions

Episode 257: CRM Suite Starter

Episode 256: HubSpot CMS Hub Starter - Everything You Need To Know

Episode 255: Fortune Cookie Tweets, HubSpot Workflow Minimaps & HubSpot Task Queues

Episode 254: Growth Mindset, HubSpot Child Workflows, Service Hub Forms, GA4 Primer

Episode 253: Our Favourite HubSpot Workflow Actions

Episode 252: HubSpot Site Tree & Reporting on Sales Sequences

Episode 251: The Psychology of A/B Test and Measure

Episode 250: HubSpot Dashboards, Search Results and User Experience

Episode 249: Why HubSpot Marketing Email Client Reports are so powerful (and why Apple’s upcoming privacy changes are so devastating)

Episode 248: HubSpot Form Translations and Comparison

Episode 247: Using Smart Rules in HubSpot Emails

Episode 246: HubSpot Personalisation, Smart Content Tips and Strategies

Episode 245: HubSpot Form Tip, NPS Automation Tip, and Reducing your channels

Episode 244: Do you really need a marketing funnel?

Episode 243: Operations Hub Initial Thoughts

Episode 242: HubSpot Workflows versus Sequences

Episode 241: The one with the Kevin Bacon animated gif in it

Episode 240: HubSpot Calls, Conversation Workflows, Outcome based marketing

Episode 239: HubSpot Snippets, HubSpot RSS Emails

Episode 238: Love and Marketing

Episode 237: HubSpot Tasks, Proactive versus Reactive Marketing

Episode 236: Owned, Earned and Paid Media plus some new HubSpot settings you need to know about

Episode 235: Should you do less on social?

Episode 234: What is CRM?

Episode 233: Be wary of marketing stats

Episode 232: Strategy = Research + Insights

Episode 231: Reflecting on 2020

Episode 230: What parts of HubSpot do Enterprises focus on?

Episode 229: How To Improve Your Sales Results using HubSpot Sales Professional

Episode 228: How To Scale with HubSpot Marketing Professional In Real Life

Episode 227: HubSpot for Small Businesses

Episode 226: Shopify & HubSpot plus HubSpot Form Analytics

Episode 225: 3 Ways We Use HubSpot to Generate Leads

Episode 224: HubSpot Internal Notification Workflow Tips

Episode 223: HubSpot Active Lists and Analytics Reports

Episode 222: HubSpot Keyboard on your phone

Episode 221: HubSpot Report Builder Beta

Episode 220: Inbound 2020

Episode 219: How to use Service Hub for Sales, Inserting tracking using the WordPress Plugin and LinkedIn Ads retargeting

Episode 218: Thinking through Attribution. Again. And How HubSpot provides Attribution reporting

Episode 217: HubSpot Lists, HubSpot Site Search, How to work with invalid contacts

Episode 216: Deal forecasting, Progressive form fields example, Showing respect

Episode 215: HubSpot Email A/B testing, Deal Workflow tip, Google Trends report

Episode 214: HubSpot for COVID tracking, In-App Notifications, and you have no privacy

Episode 213: HubSpot Conversations Trends, HubSpot Sequences

Episode 212: GPT-3, Core Web Vitals, HubSpot AI & HubSpot Workflow Delay until Event Actions

Episode 211: Bogus outreach emails, banning TikTok, PieSync tip

Episode 210: PieSync - the good, the bad, and the snugly

Episode 209: Email Features, Trends and Personalisation

Episode 208: What should you report on?

Episode 207: How to show Form Submit reports on HubSpot Dashboards

Episode 206: Workflow Actions you may not know about

Episode 205: How to use HubSpot Smart CTAs

Episode 204: HubSpot and COVID

Episode 203: HubSpot ABM V2

Episode 202: Agile Marketing, HubSpot User Permissions

Episode 201: HubSpot CMS Hub Content Staging

Episode 200: How HubSpot, Marketing, Sales and Service has changed in the last 4 years

Episode 199: HubSpot CMS Hub Smart Content

Episode 198: HubSpot CMS Hub

Episode 197: HubSpot Popup Form Gem and Dashboard Libraries

Episode 196: Keep on Learning

Episode 195: Encouragement amidst crisis

Episode 194: HubSpot Forms Tips. Plus Google MyBusiness Teardown

Episode 193: HubSpot Quotes. Again. And SEO

Episode 192: Best of HubSpot Workflow Automation. And Taylor Swift.

Episode 191: Workflows are all Go, Chrome Third Party Cookie panic

Episode 190: HubSpot ABM Beta features, Quote Workflows

Episode 189: Tiny but mighty HubSpot features

Episode 188: HubSpot Workflow Gotcha Fixer & Interesting Sales Automation

Episode 187: Deeply Powerful HubSpot Marketing Enterprise 2020 Review

Episode 186: Optimising Popup Forms

Episode 185: HubSpot Popup Form targeting gets awesomer

Episode 184: HubSpot Increments

Episode 183: HubSpot ads reports on Dashboards, HubSpot template gotcha, CCPA

Episode 182: Landing Pages in HubSpot Starter

Episode 181: HubSpot Tasks, Marketing Mindset

Episode 180: HubSpot HUGcast

Episode 179: Quick HubSpot Conversations tip, Duplicate content considerations

Episode 178: How to ‘Test and Measure’ when you can’t measure, plus Merging Contacts gotcha

Episode 177: HubSpot Deal Stage Properties, Test and Measure (again), Changing your mind

Episode 176: Enterprise Attribution reporting in HubSpot

Episode 175: Contact Cleanliness, Contact Smarts

Episode 174: Quotes in HubSpot Deals

Episode 173: Inbound19 & the importance of having a 6-pack!

Episode 172: Sales workflows, clean lists, persona challenges, billboards

Episode 171: Workflow Go Action, the pain of HubSpot Quarantine

Episode 170: Popup forms (again), Email for sales teams, interns doing your social

Episode 169: Community Events, plus When to redo your website

Episode 168: Attribution and prospecting

Episode 167: HubSpot and Privacy

Episode 166: HubSpot vs MailChimp, plus social robots

Episode 165: Drag and Drop email editor gotcha and workaround, plus Google Analytics Intelligence

Episode 164: Are HubSpot Workflows useful for Sales?

Episode 163: HubSpot Artificial Intelligence (AI), Attribution Reports, and a $130 ceramic mug

Episode 162: Avoiding HubSpot Workflow Mistakes and Replacing yourself with Tools

Episode 161: Marketing Newsletters to subscribe to, plus the HubSpot Drag and Drop Email editor

Episode 160: HubDb is actually pretty simple

Episode 159: Tips, tricks, tools and resources roundup for marketers

Episode 158: The Magic of HubSpot Snippets

Episode 157: 3 Big Mistakes we see Clients make in their HubSpot portals

Episode 156: All about Marketing and HubSpot

Episode 155: All about Sales! HubSpot sales features, tips and using video for sales

Episode 154: HubSpot Social Reporting, Academy Refresh and Meetings Troubleshooting

Episode 153: Our top 3 HubSpot Workflow tips

Episode 152: I don’t care about your new logo

Episode 151: Would you advertise on cigarette packs?

Episode 150: Sales Lead Intelligence, HubSpot Workflow tip & always be starting

Episode 149: HubSpot Global Suppression Lists, and connecting Zoom gotchas

Episode 148: What does it mean to ‘do SEO’? Plus #falsemarketingmindset

Episode 147: Google My Business opportunity, HubSpot Workflow Re-enrollments, Customer Journey Considerations

Episode 146: New Year, Same Marketing? How Google Does SEO

Episode 145: HubSpot Sequences versus Workflows, Take On Me by A-Ha, How to save time with HubSpot Email From Name Personalisation

Episode 144: Google Search Console, HubSpot Ads, Easily Adding Contacts into the CRM

Episode 143: 5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Using HubSpot

Episode 142: HubSpot Lead Rotation, Testing Assumptions & How To Be an Introvert in an Extrovert World

Episode 141: HubSpot Enterprise Marketing & Sales Features, Google Ads Opportunities

Episode 140: HubSpot Permissions and Teams, and Listener Feedback

Episode 139: HubSpot Reports

Episode 138: HubSpot Conversations and the HubSpot Marketing Starter Stack

Episode 137: Decentralising identity, Cancelling HubSpot, HubSpot Activity Feed and multivariate testing CTAs

Episode 136: Zoho Reports, Chat Bots, Lead Flows, Future of Google

Episode 135: Inbound Thoughts, HubSpot Video, HubSpot Bot tips and gotchas

Episode 134: HubSpot General Roundup

Episode 133: Facebook Engagement, Good and Bad Email Outreach Ideas, Strategy versus Tactics

Episode 132: Lead Flows get even more awesome

Episode 131: Hidden HubSpot Hacks

Episode 130: Schnitzel

Episode 129: Interview with Michael Redbord about Customer Service Culture and Mindset

Episode 128: HubSpot Live Chat Problems, Solutions and Integration

Episode 127: Content Strategy Tool Improvements

Episode 126: Using Google Tag Manager with HubSpot

Episode 125: Sending SMS from HubSpot, and Back to Basics

Episode 124: State of Inbound 2018 is Kinda Hard to Know

Episode 123: Why User Experience Matters for Marketers

Episode 122: Service Hub Geek Out Session

Episode 121: Email Marketing in 2018

Episode 120: Buyer Profiles versus Buyer Personas

Episode 119: Forms in HubSpot Free, Sales Hub Free Features, Running Your Business on Free and Starter

Episode 118: Dark social, Newsletter headlines, Automated Tasks of Deal Stages

Episode 117: Tailored Lead Flows, ManyChat Integration, and Sydney HubSpot User Group review

Episode 116: Contrarian Marketing Channel Choices, HubSpot Community events

Episode 115: Growing… with HubSpot in Melbourne, HubSpot’s new features, Keyword Rankings in GSC

Episode 114: Video Trends across YouTube & Facebook, Quarantined Contacts & Sales Workflows

Episode 113: HubSpot Tips and Gotchas, plus a cool tip in Excel

Episode 112: HubSpot Updates, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Life after Keywords!

Episode 111: Things you didn’t know about Facebook Ads, HubSpot versions, HubSpot product updates

Episode 110: Inbound18, Sitemaps, SSL in HubSpot and Workflows vs Sequences

Episode 109: Facebook, Google, HUG - 2018 is off to a rapid start

Episode 108: InboundShots 002 End of 2017 Chat

Episode 107: Top HubSpot Marketing and Sales Features, Thinking Outside of the Box

Episode 106: Reflecting on 2017, Rich Results, Ranking for position #0

Episode 105: HubSpot Gotchas and Holiday Reading

Episode 104: Lead Ads in HubSpot, Mary Meeker’s Trend Report Revisited, Custom Owner Property in HubSpot

Episode 103: Ecommerce benchmarks, HubSpot Content Topics Cluster Tool, HubSpot CRM Saved Filters, Link Building Still a Priority

Episode 102: Buying from Bots

Episode 101: The HubSpot Cleanse

Episode 100: Brian Halligan on Marketing Past, Present and Future

Episode 99: Business growth via Customer Service focus, more Google My Business tips & a productivity tip

Episode 98: All about ranking opportunities, how to take advantage of Google My Business, reporting the things that matter

Episode 97: Marketers ruin everything - how to be responsible marketers

Episode 96: Using HubSpot Search, Deal Stage Funnels and Why You Should be using https!

Episode 95: Traffic plus No Conversion equals No Business

Episode 94: Active Listening, Contact Re-subscription, Having the Right Contact Properties plus Our Gmail Tip

Episode 93: HubSpot Calendar tip, Sending Weekly Sales Reports, and why you need to Stop Organic Social activities!

Episode 92: HubSpot Analytics update, Google My Business websites, Instagram tips

Episode 91: HubSpot Reporting Add-on Tip, Unbouncing Contacts... finally

Episode 90: HubSpot Social Tools, Facebook Ad Hacks

Episode 89: Sales Dilution, Naming HubSpot Workflows

Episode 88: Hidden HubSpot Settings, and Pretending to Know Things!

Episode 87: Understanding First Touch versus Last Touch attribution, Sales Priorities

Episode 86: WhatsApp Spam, HubSpot sub-workflows, HubSpot Sales Deal pipelines

Episode 85: HubSpot Sub-Workflows, HubSpot Messages Targeting

Episode 084: HubSpot Workflows, Databox Dashboards/Datawalls, Creative Business Ideas!

Episode 83 - InboundShots 001: Is Blogging Dead? Is SEO Dead? Outbound Calling?

Episode 82: Email, email and more email stuff

Episode 81: Plain text emails, Landing page optimisation, HubSpot Messages and optimising No Pong

Episode 80: New HubSpot Web Analytics, Documents and a Different Creative Top 10

Episode 79: HubSpot Email Deliverability, AMP Blog Posts, Quick SEO Process

Episode 78: Collected Forms in HubSpot Marketing Free, HubSpot Sales Calls, Cool Marketing Examples

Episode 77: HubSpot Social Tools, AI Powered Marketing, Real Time Google Trends

Episode 76: Google Search Behaviour, HubSpot Sales Sequences, plus Learnings!

Episode 75: HubSpot Sales Stuff, Death of chatbots, The Amazon Threat to Google

Episode 74: Chatbots, Keywords, HubSpot Sales Gotcha, Bogus Tips

Episode 73: Infuriating Signup Offers, Free Stock Images, Audience Targeting

Episode 72: #growthbotwisdom, Setting HubSpot Owner, Should you use Popup Forms?

Episode 71: Content Repurposing, and so much HubSpot Stuff

Episode 70: HubSpot Sales Templates and How NOT to do SEO

Episode 69: HubSpot Ads Add-on is Finally Worth Using

Episode 68: Content Marketing Hacks, Smart Content, CRM Views

Episode 67: Insane HubSpot Tweaks That Will Make You Blush

Episode 66: Deliberate Practice for Marketers

Episode 65: Marketing and Sales are BFFs, HubSpot Tips of the Year, Our Favourite Apps of 2016

Episode 64: Preparing for 2017, Solve for the Problem, Artificial Intelligence

Episode 63: George B Thomas, HubSpot CTA Variation Groups, and Lead Flows yet again

Episode 62: Charles Duhigg gems, More Lead Flows, Avoiding Irrational Decisions, Content Audits

Episode 61: Cold Calling, Lead Flows, VR Trends, Long Landing Pages

Episode 60: SEO in 2017, HubSpot Marketing Free, Ideal Content Lengths, How Not To Die

Episode 59: #Inbound16 Recap, The Greatest Opportunity Ever by Gary Vaynerchuk, HubSpot Visual Workflows

Episode 58: #Inbound16, HubSpot Academy Updates, Finding your Twitter voice, Content that gets shared

HubShots Episode 57: Inbound is here, HotJar Integration, Video Ultra-engagement, User generated content versus Stock images, Business communication preferences

Episode 56: Platform versus Movement, HubSpot CRM Company Merging, Windows of Opportunity, Google AMP Pages

Episode 55: HubSpot Email Reporting, Delivering the WOW, Conversion Tip, Testing with Newsletters, Facebook Mistakes to Avoid, Blog Post Length Stats, Content Marketing CAC

Episode 54: Thought Leaders vs Thought Spewers, HubSpot Email Smart Subject Lines, Effective vs Efficient, % Revenue on Marketing

Episode 53: Inbound Tips, Content Your Audience Wants, Website Trust Elements, Gratitude

Episode 52: Inbound Rave, HubSpot Rant, State of Inbound Review, Appreciating the Good Things

Episode 51: HubSpot Workflow settings, State of Inbound Report 2016, plus lilBUB

Episode 50: HubSpot Lead Scoring, Should we value leads with free email addresses?, Blog Optimisation Tips

Episode 49: HubSpot Smart Stuff - Smart Lists, Smart CTAs

Episode 48: HubSpot COS G2 Crowd Quadrant Leader, Optimizing Video, Facebook Advertising Success Example

Episode 47: HubSpot Composer, Planning a Campaign, Awesome Facebook Tip

HubShots Episode 46: HubSpot Email Smart Send, Building Your First Inbound Campaign

Episode 45: Considering HubSpot Costs

Episode 44: HubSpot Cold Contact Lists, Morality of Popups

Episode 43: HubSpot Inbound Agendas, HubSpot updates, HubSpot Tips, Latest Content Marketing Research

Episode 42: HubSpot Competitor Manager, Marketing Qualifications, HubSpot BETA items, Latest Content Marketing Research

Episode 41: Smart Marketing with HubSpot's Niti Shah

Episode 40: HubSpot's CMO Kipp Bodnar on Work/Life Balance, Marketing Strategy and Tactical Involvement

Episode 39: HubSpot Email Reporting Tip, Attribution Marketing, Voice Search

Episode 38: HubSpot RSS Emails & Messaging Trends

Episode 37: Why You Need to Add Messaging to Your Web Site

Episode 36: Facebook, more Facebook, and marketing jokes

Episode 35: The Fascinating Episode

Episode 34: HubSpot CRM Workflow Updates, Unbranded Email Test Results, Advanced Personas

Episode 33: Outsourcing Tips, HubSpot Paid Social Channel, App of the Week

Episode 32: HubSpot Smart List Performance Metrics, Chatbots, CRM Permissions

Episode 31: Ghostwriting, HubSpot campaign improvements and changing Buyer behaviours

Episode 30: The Feedback Episode

Episode 29: Inbound Sales and Social

Episode 28: Inbound Sales Certification and Having A Growth Mindset

Episode 27: Inbound Sales with Sam Shoolman

Episode 26: Smarketing with Varun Bhandakar

Episode 25: Inbound Marketing Success with Mads Nielsen

Episode 24: Improving Lead Quality with Brent Claremont

Episode 23: Sales Enablement with Rosalia Cefalu

Episode 22: Thinking Outside the Box with James Gilbert

Episode 21: Strategic Marketing with Ryan Bonnici

Episode 20: Email Marketing Trends

Episode 19: Preventing Potholes

Episode 18: SEO

Episode 17: Reporting Tips

Episode 16: Remarkable Content

Episode 15: 300 Days

Episode 14: Focus

Episode 13: Goal Setting

Episode 12: Content Curation

Episode 11: Stickers

Episode 10: Marketing Industry Trends for 2016

Episode 9: 10,000 Hours

Episode 8: Buyer vs Seller Beware

Episode 7: Activity versus Results

Episode 6: Tech Industry Trends

Episode 5: Ads Add-On

Episode 4: Action Items

Episode 3: Quality vs Quantity

Episode 2: Sidekick for Business

Episode 1: Growth Driven Design

HubSpot Strategy help

with Ian and Craig



Thanks for creating this podcast, it’s awesome, … I listen to it, and I enjoy it.

Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO
Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO


Long time listener, first time commenter (I think). Thanks for another great episode.
DHARMESH SHAH, Founder and CTO at HubSpot
DHARMESH SHAH, Founder and CTO at HubSpot


One of my favourite episodes to date. Great work guys!

Moby Siddique, Founder & Head Strategy Panda
Moby Siddique, Founder & Head Strategy Panda


Awesome podcast guys! Great to hear your thoughts on INBOUND. Excited to listen to your other podcasts and excited to hear more about GDD on it :-) - Keep crushing it!

(ps. audio quality is really good, was impressed)

Luke Summerfield, Founder of Growth-Driven Design at Hubspot
Luke Summerfield, Founder of Growth-Driven Design at Hubspot


Shoutout to team @HubShots for their tireless work in producing quality #marketing goodness. Whether you are a @hubspot customer or not - it’s worth subscribing to . Kudos @ianjacob @craigbailey

Daniel Weatherhead, Communications Manager at LeonardoBPM
Daniel Weatherhead, Communications Manager at LeonardoBPM


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Thanks for creating this podcast, it’s awesome, … I listen to it, and I enjoy it. 
Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO
Long time listener, first time commenter (I think).

Thanks for another great episode.
DHARMESH SHAH, Founder and CTO at HubSpot
DHARMESH SHAH, Founder and CTO at HubSpot
One of my favourite episodes to date. Great work guys!
Moby Siddique, Founder & Head Strategy Panda

Awesome podcast guys! Great to hear your thoughts on INBOUND. Excited to listen to your other podcasts and excited to hear more about GDD on it :-) - Keep crushing it!

(ps. audio quality is really good, was impressed)

Luke Summerfield, Founder of Growth-Driven Design at Hubspot
Luke Summerfield, Founder of Growth-Driven Design at Hubspot
Shoutout to team @HubShots for their tireless work in producing quality #marketing goodness. Whether you are a @hubspot customer or not - it’s worth subscribing to . Kudos @ianjacob @craigbailey
Daniel Weatherhead, Communications Manager at LeonardoBPM
Daniel Weatherhead

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