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Building a Campaign in HubSpot from Start to Finish

Best Practices

This eBook will give you a step by step process on how to build a campaign in HubSpot from start to finish, including:

  • HubSpot Lists, files, Landing pages, CTAs and emails
  • HubSpot Workflows and Campaigns
  • HubSpot Reports and Dashboards



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Efficiently Build a Campaign Today!

Everything you need to know to build your own campaign in HubSpot in no time.



In this eBook (that is being updated regularly), we focus on the IMPLEMENT items of a campaign - all built in HubSpot. By the end of the book you will have a clear knowledge of how to implement the following list of key items for your campaign:

Graphic design

HubSpot forms

HubSpot lists

HubSpot files

HubSpot landing pages

HubSpot CTAs

HubSpot emails

HubSpot workflows

HubSpot campaign

HubSpot site updates

HubSpot reports and dashboards

Attribution items


Want a faster way to cover the whole eBook?

We got you covered!

We understand that not everyone likes to read manuals and would prefer to get guidance through visual aid and make things faster. If this works for you, then feel free to watch this guide on our YouTube Channel.


Who We Are

HubShots is an unofficial weekly Aussie HubSpot podcast, hosted by Ian Jacob and Craig Bailey.

Craig Bailey has 25+ years working in software development and IT. With a thorough understanding of both the technological and business sides of HubSpot software, he’s passionate about delivering technical understanding in the digital agency space.

Ian Jacob is a business growth strategist specialising in marketing and sales strategy with a focus on HubSpot automation. With 16+ years of experience, Ian has worked with companies like Macquarie Bank, Ericsson, and Telstra (and he hopes to add you to that list!).


Craig and Ian

What our listeners say

Thanks for creating this podcast, it's awesome,... I listen to it, and I enjoy it.
Brian Halligan
Brian Halligan
HubSpot CEO
Awesome podcast guys! Great to hear your thoughts on INBOUND. Excited to listen to your other podcasts and excited to hear more about GDD on it :-) - Keep crushing it! (Ps. audio quality is really good, was impressed).
Luke Summerfield
Luke Summerfield
HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Founder
Long time listener, first time commenter (I think). Thanks for another great episode.
Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah
HubSpot Founder and CTO

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