28-Day Marketing Challenge

Have you had HubSpot for more than 6 months but still don't have a marketing campaign running?

Here's the solution you need.

Rapid HubSpot Implementation for busy  Marketers.


The HubShots 28-Day Marketing Challenge is a guided training program to empower busy marketing managers to get a campaign in-market in 4 weeks.

Video lessons

28 Video Lessons

A daily task and video training lesson guides you through just the essentials you need to action.

Weekly In-Person Sessions

Each week join group zoom calls with Ian and Craig to review your progress, learn tips and ask questions.

Unlimited Email Access

Unlimited email access to Ian and Craig through the entire 28 days.

HubSpot Best Practices

HubSpot can be overwhelming. You'll learn the key areas to focus on and use our cheat sheets to get rapid implementation in place.

Demystify Paid Channels

You'll learn how to setup and manage an advertising campaign in LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. 


By the end of 28 days you'll have been guided along every part of the process - you'll have a campaign in-market driving results for your business.

What is the HubsShots 28-Day Marketing Challenge?


The 28-day challenge is a guided training program, with daily training videos and weekly group sessions, to help new hubspot customers plan, build and promote a digital marketing campaign

Who is it for?

The 28-Day Challenge is designed for busy marketing executives who have had HubSpot for at least 6 months but haven't yet managed to get a marketing campaign live.

If this is you, don't feel bad - we see it a lot.

You've likely embraced the HubSpot vision, and are excited by all the power it provides, but have felt overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start.

You've probably spent some time doing some of the HubSpot Academy courses, and perhaps even attended HubSpot training.

You know it is all possible, but you just quite get a campaign live.

The HubShots 28-Day Marketing Challenge is perfect for you - over the course of the 4 weeks you'll complete a series of manageable, focussed training tasks. 

You'll meet with us (Ian and Craig) twice a week in a group zoom call to chat through strategic questions, unblock hurdles and solve technical challenges.


You'll be surprised at how 'easy' it actually is to get a campaign running, once you know the key ingredients to focus on.

Challenge Overview

The Marketing Challenge runs over 4 weeks (28 days).

Each week is focussed on a particular area of execution, including: Setup, Implementation, Promotion, and Optimisation.

Each day you will work through a focussed training task (including video and action list) that is realistic and manageable.

Each week you join two separate zoom group video sessions, lead by Ian and Craig. In the first session (usually on a Monday) the focus is on training, explaining the tasks for the week and helping with strategic questions.

The second session (usually on a Thursday) is a Q+A session focussed on answering any questions, including technical issues you have.

Ian and Craig are available via email as well through the entire 4 weeks.

Your Guides

Craig and Ian are the hosts of HubShots - the leading HubSpot focussed podcast in Australasia, with more than 240 episodes over the past 5 years.

They both run HubSpot Partner agencies and have helped hundreds of companies implement, build and grow using HubSpot over the past decade.

Ian Jacob


Ian Jacob

CEO and Founder of Search & Be Found.

Ian is a business growth strategist specialising in marketing and sales strategy with a focus on HubSpot automation. With 16+ years of experience, Ian has worked with companies like Macquarie Bank, Ericsson, and Telstra (and he hopes to add you to that list!).

Craig Bailey


Craig Bailey

CEO and Founder of  XEN Systems.

Craig has 25+ years working with software development and IT. With a thorough understanding of both the technological and business sides of HubSpot software, he’s passionate about delivering technical understanding in the digital agency space.

Week 1: Setup

Streamline your HubSpot portal

The first 7 days are all focussed on ensuring your HubSpot portal is setup correctly and ready to track results:

  • Checking the key items are set up in your HubSpot portal
  • Deciding on a campaign that is realistic and manageable and setting the goals
  • Planning the campaign offer
  • Ensuring tracking and reporting are in place (so you can measure the ROI of your campaign)
  • Putting simple naming conventions in place to ensure everything is beautifully organised
  • Cleansing your data to ensure data hygiene
  • SEOing your site for Google

Week 2: Implement

Getting everything implemented in HubSpot

The second week is all focussed on configuring your campaign in HubSpot:

  • Setting up HubSpot folders
  • Creating a HubSpot form (that is best practice)
  • Creating the HubSpot landing page and Thank you page
  • Creating the HubSpot emails and nurture workflow
  • Setting up Campaign tracking in HubSpot
  • Preparing a site wide (friendly) popup form to promote the offer

Week 3: Promote

Promoting your campaign

Now that your campaign is ready, it is time to promote it via social, paid and owned channels:

  • Planning your promotion strategy
  • Setting up a campaign in LinkedIn advertising
  • Setting up a campaign in Facebook (and Instagram) advertising platform
  • Setting up a campaign in Google Ads
  • Sending a targeted email campaign from HubSpot
  • Running the campaigns

Week 4: Optimise

Testing, Measuring, Improving

The final week is where we analyse the initial results, and learn how to implement informed incremental improvements:

  • Test and Measure - how to analyse results
  • How to calculate ROI
  • How to determine lead quality
  • Using A/B testing to further improve
  • Adding supporting content (eg blog posts) to further accelerate the campaign


"XEN’s combination of technical knowledge, processes, attention to detail and digital campaign strategy development make them an asset..."

XEN came recommended to us to aid in ramping up our inbound digital marketing efforts and it was evident right from the very first meeting with Craig that he brought with him a lot of knowledge and experience in HubSpot and digital marketing.

XEN’s combination of technical knowledge, processes, attention to detail and digital campaign strategy development make them an asset; and with their collaborative approach they really are an extension of our marketing team.


Alex Tesoriero

Introductory Pricing

Since this is a new program, we're offering introductory pricing for the first group (cohort) that goes through.

Pricing will increase in the future as the program grows.

Training Videos Only

DIY Training program



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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) training includes:

Lifetime access to the 28 days of training videos

Full Guided Training

DWY Full Guided Training Program



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Full DWY (Done-With-You) guided training program includes:

28 days of training videos

Weekly group training session with Ian and Craig

Weekly Q+A session with Ian and Craig

Unlimited email access to Ian and Craig during the 28 days

Lifetime access to the training portal

Answers to your Questions

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