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Episode 15: 300 Days

Episode 15: 300 Days

Welcome to Episode 15 of HubShots!

Recorded: Wednesday 13 January 2016

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

300 Days until Inbound 2016: https://hubshots.com/inbound-countdown/

Inbound 2016 Pricing will increase on Saturday: http://www.inbound.com/inbound16/register

Action: Hurry - Register and save some cash!

Shot 2: HubSpot feature/tip of the Week

SideKick Calendar - Schedule a meeting: http://www.getsidekick.com/schedule-meeting

Action: Try this as I was using calendly before

"Scheduling demos, calls, and appointments shouldn’t be so hard. Meetings, a feature of Sidekick for Business, helps make connecting with your prospects fast and easy. Meetings integrates with HubSpot CRM & Google Calendar to give you a personalized page where your prospects and customers can see your availability and book a meeting - all without the usual email back and forth."

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

Nothing new in HubSpot!
The notification indicator has been strangely quiet ?

Shot 4: Opinion of the Week

21 Content Marketing Predictions for 2016: https://contently.com/strategist/2016/01/04/21-content-marketing-predictions-for-2016/

#2. Digital agencies will replace the word “advertising” with “content” via CTRL-F in all of their outgoing vendor RFPs.
—Brett Lofgren, Chief Revenue Officer

#16. SEO managers and content creators will merge into the same role, rather than sitting in two separate departments.
—Adam Blake, Demand Generation Manager

Action: Content is where it is at. Get to the right person at the right time, Personas & buyer journey.

Shot 5: General Tip of the Week

Behavioural Email marketing: http://blog.hubspot.com/customers/creating-a-behavioral-email-marketing-strategy

"Behavioral email is the practice of sending automated, targeted emails to the contacts in your database based on their interactions with your company across multiple channels: social media, email, your website and beyond."

"Think about the social media messages you send, or the blog posts you write. They are the exact same for every reader. The advantage of using email is that it taps into your contact database, which means you can make it highly personal."

Action: Take the time to tailor your email messages to the audience they are targeted at.

Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week

Something different to what Craig would normally read or learn about (as per Ian's challenge last week to view something we wouldn’t normally do): http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/business-dinner-etiquette-guide

"If you're the first person to eat bread from the basket, the etiquette is to offer the bread basket to the person on your left and then begin passing the bowl around the table to the right."

Action: remember this!

Shot 7: Motivation of the Week

My Blinkist item:

Highlighted in The Business Romantic : Give Everything, Quantify Nothing and Create Something Greater Than Yourself
Case in point: The author invited 15 people for a dinner called the “15 Toasts” during the World Economic Forum. His guests were leaders in the private sector, government and civil society, and they were all total strangers to each other. Not for long, though. The author asked each guest to offer a toast that answered the question: What is a good life? The toasts began slowly but the guests soon rose to the occasion. Rather than forcing 15 strangers to discuss prearranged topics, this dinner gave them the opportunity to engage as human beings. One guest remarked that it was the first dinner he’d been to where he didn’t know anyone, yet left feeling genuinely connected with every single guest.

Action Special: Blinkist normally charges US $79/year for their service which includes both Kindle and audio versions of their summaries. AppSumo has an Exclusive promotion where you can get one year of unlimited downloads for only $20!: http://www.appsumo.com/blinkist/

Shot 8: Resource of the Week

An example of how detailed and targeted you can get with Facebook marketing: http://www.jonloomer.com/2016/01/08/evergreen-facebook-ad-campaign/

Action: Be aware of the power and richness of Facebook. Don’t assume Facebook is simple, ask a specialist/Agency what they are doing with Facebook.

Shot 9: Community Item of the Week

What is in development at HubSpot: https://hubspot.uservoice.com/forums/76407-general-hubspot-ideas/status/617218

Action: review and vote for items you find valuable

Shot 10: Listener Tip of the Week

Thanks Adam!
Uptime Robot: https://uptimerobot.com/

Action: Signup and use this to monitor up to 50 websites.

Shot 11: Podcast of the Week

Overload… no new podcast this week - just focussing on the podcasts we are already listening to!

Ian’s Favourites:

The HubCast: http://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-podcast/

PNR: This Old Marketing: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/pnr-with-this-old-marketing-podcast/

HubSpot To Go: http://www.togo.fm/

Craig’s Favourites:

PNR: This Old Marketing: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/pnr-with-this-old-marketing-podcast/

The HubCast: http://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-podcast/

Content Sells Podcast: http://contentsellspodcast.com/

HubShots Episode 15: 300 Days

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