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Episode 50: HubSpot Lead Scoring, Should we value leads with free email addresses?, Blog Optimisation Tips

HubShots Episode 50: HubSpot Lead Scoring, Should we value leads with free email addresses?, Blog Optimisation Tips

Welcome to Episode 50 of HubShots!

Recorded: Monday 05 September 2016 | Published: Thursday 15 September 2016


Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Inboundcountdown.com - 64 days left

Good interview by George from The HubCast with Kim Darling who is the Event manager for Inbound: https://www.thesaleslion.com/hubcast-107-inboud16-interview-kim-darling/ 

Thursday morning keynote still needs to be filled, who will it be: Serena Williams?

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/Tip of the Week

Using the HubSpot Lead Scoring

Academy Project: http://academy.hubspot.com/projects/customer-projects-lead-scoring

This is another one of the HubSpot tools that is under utilised. You can start with some simple engagement behaviours, and also demote certain contact attributes eg free email accounts:

hubspot lead scoring example

And also use some custom properties that others in the team have marked eg:

hubspot lead scoring example 2

Determine point values

How to Set Up Lead Scoring

PRO TIP: For the best results, you'll want to stick to a 0-100 point scale and weight the points in relation to how ready that lead would be to talk to a sales rep.

Shot 3: Opinion of the Week

Should we value leads who use free email addresses?

Yes, in the majority of cases we should still value free lead addresses but then use the implicit behavioural data to further qualify/disqualify.

It can depend on industry as well eg if you are marketing to Tradespeople, then them having a @bigpond.com.au address is often normal.

Shot 4: Challenge of the Week

If you are all online what are you doing in an offline channel to assist people in making a choice?

Eg. Real estate agent who dropped a card saying they got the best price for a property in your area.

Shot 5: Pro Tip of the Week

Using Google Analytics to find your hidden sources of quality leads

Example: global brand running 2 campaigns at the moment:

TOFU campaign driving ebook signups - cost is <$5 per lead

BOFU campaign driving supplier search - cost is ~ $38 per qualified lead

But via Analytics we found that 20% of ebook leads clicked on a link in their email nurture to view the supplier search, and 84% of them then became qualified leads

Summary the TOFU campaign generated cheaper qualified leads

Shot 6: State of Inbound Item of the Week

Part 2 of the Blog optimisation project:

Blog Optimisation


Completing the steps will allow you to:

  • Increase the online traffic to your blog.
  • Better target your buyer personas.
  • Generate new qualified leads.

Step 4: Optimise the blog post around the primary long-tail keyword

Step 5: Format your blog post

PRO TIP: Remember to write for people first and foremost, not search engines!

Step 6: Add links to the body of the post

Step 7:  Include a call-to-action at the end of the post

Step 8: Include social sharing buttons

Step: 9: Update blog post and send a manual email to your "instant" blog subscribers.

PRO TIP: Here's an example of a good Editor's Note:

“This post was originally published in December 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness."

Here ends the 2 part series on Blog Optimisation.

Academy projects to see this all together and not in your portal  > https://academy.hubspot.com/projects/customer-projects-blog-optimization 

Shot 7: Resource of the Week


For next week:


Shot 8: Community Item of the Week

Interesting stats re content marketing’s success:


  1. 200 million people now use ad blockers
  2. The median time people spend on articles is 37 seconds

Shot 9: Podcast of the Week

George B Thomas interviews Kim Darling from HubSpot’s Inbound team:


Shot 10: App of the Week

Google Analytics

What do we like in it?  

  • Check bounce rates.
  • Where people enter your site
  • Where people exit your site

Shot 11: Quote of the Week

“What we want you to do is to change the mode of your website from a one-way sales message to a collaborative, living, breathing hub”

― Brian Halligan

HubShots Episode 50