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Through personal, online group coaching from two marketing experts, we help you squeeze every last drop of value from your HubSpot investment and access the full potential of the tools you’re using.



All it Takes is One Hour Per Week

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41 Years

of Combined Digital Marketing Experience

Rapid upskilling in as little as one session!

Just ask one of the 100s of HubSpot users like you...


“When I first started my inbound journey, it was Ian and Craig at HubShots that provided the quickest and most meaningful growth. Their actionable insights had me pulling my car over to the side of the road so I could implement immediately.”

Justin Theng

Justin Theng

How Can We Help You Get the Most out of Your HubSpot Investment?

As a CRM manager/marketer, one of the hardest challenges you face is proving what’s working… and what’s not.

We help you identify the bottlenecks in your HubSpot strategy, maximise potential, and improve processes to turn your HubSpot
subscription into a proven ROI driver. 

With a focus on maximising HubSpot and ROI, it’s our mission to provide a coaching service that helps you understand where
your results are coming from, so you can replicate your success.

Here are the 4 key ways we make it happen...


Transforming uncertainty into attribution via clear reporting and sales insights that prove ROI and help you meet your goals. 


Upskilling to become a more effective CRM manager/marketer who quickly fixes long-standing problems and gets the most out of your HubSpot investment


Implementing a proactive culture of problem-solving across your entire pipeline to review and improve processes before bottlenecks occur.


Delivering consistent confidence and comfort using a systematic model that automates procedures and reduces frustration.

HubSpot Was Meant to Make Your Job Easier. So Why Does It Feel Like You’re Doing More Work Than Ever?

HubSpot was introduced to improve your marketing, sales, and service - but chances are you’re finding yourself being asked to put out HubSpot fires… without knowing where those fires are. 

HubSpot is a fantastic tool - but maybe it feels like you’re just not getting the most out of your subscription. Truth is, it can be incredibly frustrating when a product designed to scale your personalised marketing and sales outreach is taking time to master - especially when you know it has the potential to streamline your processes.

HubSpot’s breadth of functionality offers exciting opportunities for your business on paper, but with so much potential you might feel like you need help getting up to speed with the full features available. What use is all of HubSpot’s data if you can’t actually use it to generate revenue? 

You *know* HubSpot has the analytics and attribution tools you need to connect cause and effect - you just can’t find them. And the more you research automation and attribution features, the more potential roads there are for you to explore without knowing what will help and what’s a dead end.


HubSpot Offers Serious Potential, But Maybe You're Not Seeing the Value You Expected When You First Got Started?


When a problem exists in the tools you use (but hides in a new place every day!), your ability to measure ROI and make confident decisions suffers big time. 

You might be finding constant reporting issues trying to integrate with a secondary CRM - or your HubSpot could be drowning in data without a way to turn customer info into revenue growth.

Let’s see if you relate to any of the following:

  • Are you under constant pressure to demonstrate attribution? And you’re lacking the data granularity to prove that your system is working…

  • Have you hit the ceiling of your HubSpot knowledge? And while you’re the office HubSpot champion, you know the tool is capable of more…

  • Are you constantly expected to “fix the problem using HubSpot”? And end up feeling isolated and frustrated without the training and support you need…

  • Have you spent too much time automating your sales and marketing? And you’re confused because you know HubSpot is capable of more…

If you answered “yes” to ANY of those questions then you could use some help.


Take The Next  Step!

All it Takes is One Hour Per Week

HubSpot Training and Coaching

If There Was a Way to Master HubSpot, Confidently Measure Marketing Success & Prove ROI... Would You Try It? 

We’re talking about a group coaching program built around HubSpot challenges that could help you:


Introducing the HubShots Group Coaching Program

Designed to help you finally reclaim your time and freedom, the HubShots Group Coaching Program is the only coaching service in Australia run by two HubSpot Agency founders offering a combined coaching and consulting service. 

We’ll jump on a Zoom with you each week  to tackle whatever problem you’re having with HubSpot. 

Why? So you can walk away with a clear solution (not more confusing questions in your head!) or have the ability to find the answer without you investing countless hours doing it yourself.

✘ What we don’t do… talk about strategies we haven’t tried, tested, (failed), and improved ourselves - or fill your head with more theory and advice pulled from HubSpot’s own user guides.

✔ What we do… listen to your challenges and provide a solution based on the mantra ‘Test and Measure’. We aim to help solve your problem on the call and you walk away with the skills to stop it from happening again.


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All it Takes is One Hour Per Week

Craig and Ian - HubSpot Coaches

Why Choose Us to Get the Most out of Your HubSpot Subscription?


We understand the difference between telling you what to do and showing you what to do. The truth is, world-class support can still leave you without answers when you’re left to apply theoretical knowledge and run your own 'trial and error' experiments. 

Our group coaching services are tailored to the group's needs. Going beyond pointing you to a knowledge base article, we actually walk you through specific issues immediately - working to a practical solution with clear insights that really make an impact. 

Valuing answers and action, we've personally coached HubSpot users like you with the same strategies and tactics that have led to 1 million downloads of our podcast - HubShots.

More than theory, our HubShots Group Coaching Program offers actionable strategies so you can problem-solve, helping you maximise your HubSpot subscription, and deliver the measurable results you’re after.


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All it Takes is One Hour Per Week

Meet Your Coaches Who Can Help You Grow Leads, Show ROI, and Drive Revenue for Your Business

Craig and Ian are highly experienced HubSpot-Certified digital consultants running certified HubSpot Partner agencies. They’re perfectly placed to help solve your problems because they’ve likely faced them many times themselves!

The guys met 7 years ago and a real collaboration was formed soon after! Like yin and yang, they realised they were greater than the sum of their parts and combined their HubSpot knowledge to complement each other’s skills and experience.

Knowing the importance of maximising HubSpot’s functionality, they began chatting about ways to get the most from the platform and the hugely popular podcast ‘HubShots’ was born. Currently the leading HubSpot-focused podcast in Australasia, Craig and Ian have delivered over 270 episodes as experts in the HubSpot space.

Now sharing their knowledge to help marketing managers like you, they’ll help you learn how to overcome your HubSpot challenges while driving revenue for your company - and show exactly how you did it!


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All it Takes is One Hour Per Week


By partnering with the HubShots Coaching Program, you get the combined expertise of two company founders and HubSpot experts.

Between Ian’s sales and delivery acumen and Craig’s experience with IT and marketing tools, you can make wise decisions based on the best of both worlds - all through a collaborative and comfortable online coaching service tailored to your needs.

When strategy and support calls leave you without answers, HubShots offers direct, weekly access to a sales and marketing duo providing on-call troubleshooting and implementation.

Ian Jacob

CEO and Founder of Search & Be Found.

Ian is a business growth strategist specialising in marketing and sales strategy with a focus on HubSpot automation. With 21+ years of experience, Ian has worked with companies like Macquarie Bank, Ericsson, Telstra & Coco Republic.


Craig Bailey

CEO and Founder of  XEN Systems.

Craig has 25+ years working with software development and IT. With a thorough understanding of both the technological and business sides of HubSpot software, he’s passionate about delivering technical understanding in the digital agency space.

Here’s Everything You Get in the HubShots Coaching Program

(Your Proven Toolkit for Correct and Confident Marketing Attribution)

The HubShots Coaching Program is a weekly coaching service based on YOUR needs. There are no modules to complete, no outcomes outlined. Each session is built around your challenges with a focus on specific obstacles and actionable solutions.

In each call, you’ll get instant access to Ian and Craig’s insider knowledge with on-call implementation - whether setting up a dashboard or optimising a workflow - and the skills needed to run successful HubSpot campaigns that massively boost performance.


You’ll get all of these incredible advantages

Peter and Doro from FireMate chat about their HubSpot Coaching experience:

HubSpot Video

So…if You’re a CRM Manager, Marketing Manager or HubSpot Champion Who Is…

  1. Frustrated with your HubSpot limitations
  2. Wanting to prove marketing attribution without uncertainty
  3. Looking to grow leads and customers through confident marketing decisions
  4. And after a risk-free group coaching program with ZERO contracts

Join the HubShots Group Coaching Program


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All it Takes is One Hour Per Week

HubSpot Coaching Program

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