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Episode 1: Growth Driven Design

Welcome to episode 1 of HubShots

Recorded: Tuesday 06 October 2015

The episode 1 transcript is available here.

In this episode we cover:

Shot 1: Inbound thoughts

Still on a high?
  • shout out to Ryan, Niti,  and the Sydney HubSpot team
Key takeaways
  • Ian: the possibilities
  • Craig: reminder about inbound marketing essentials: personas, lead scoring, buyer’s journey

Shot 2: Growth Driven Design

Shot 3: Tip of the Week

HubSpot Emails
  • new click visualisation map in emails

Shot 4: Resource of the week

HubSpot’s persona generator :  http://makemypersona.com/

Shot 5: Opinion of the week

Craig: the US is way ahead of AU, good motivation to lift our game...

Shot 6: Challenge of the week

Public holidays

Shot 7: Community recommendation of the week

Sydney HubSpot User Group:  http://sydney.hubspotusergroups.com/

Shot 8: Sales

  • using the HubSpot CRM app
  • we’ll be talking more about the 'HubSpot Sales platform’ next week, especially Sidekick for Business