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Episode 130: Schnitzel

Welcome to Episode 130 of HubShots!

Welcome to HubShots, APAC's number 1 HubSpot focussed podcast, where we discuss HubSpot tips and tricks, new features, and strategies for growing your marketing results.

This episode we look at chat about Landing Pages, Removing Google Analytics from HubSpot, understanding the purpose of your website, In-App notifications, and schnitzel!

Listen to the episode here: https://soundcloud.com/hubshots/130-schnitzel

Welcome to HubShots, the podcast for marketing managers who use HubSpot hosted by Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found and Craig Bailey from XEN Systems.

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Recorded: Thursday 26 July 2018 | Published: Wednesday 29 August 2018

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Catching up with HubSpot people today - shoutout to:

  • Nick Dzienny and Daniel Bertschi
  • Kartike Day

Farewell to Mads (sad face)

New Inbound speakers announced.


Check through the full agenda:


There are some gems in there eg Reid Hoffman will be speaking at Inbound:


Here is a speaker predication: Sophia, the world’s first humanoid, was activated in 2015 and she’s been busy ever since recently gaining citizenship in Saudi Arabia and appearing on television where she has been interviewed by the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith


sophia square

Shot 2: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

Using HubSpot Landing Pages and Forms for simple Surveys

For simple surveys this is all you need.

Example: the Feedback Form we send to Sydney HubSpot User Group attendees:


For more complex surveys, you can you use a tool like SurveyMonkey and integrate with HubSpot.

(Note: For Standardised tests you can use the new ServiceHub features for Customer Feedback)

Shot 3: HubSpot Gotcha of the Week

Can’t remove Google Analytics from page

Solution: need to go through all the domains and tick on/off and save individually.

hubspot web settings ga

Shot 4: Marketing Tip of the Week

Understand the purpose of your site: Lead Generation versus Sales Confidence

Example: building out a content strategy but not having any lead conversion process in place, instead having a team of BDMs who are doing their own hunting…

A lead gen site approach won’t work, if the instead the site is really just to provide confidence for the sales team meetings.

Shot 5: HubSpot Easily Misunderstood Feature of the Week

In-App Notifications… mean in the web app notifications…


Don’t fooled by the misleading screenshot:

pasted image 0 16No HubSpot Owner Set to Ian HubSpot

In-App notifications appear in the notifications tab in the web portal.

Shot 6: Opinion of the Week

Leads are easy, time to close is getting longer...

Shot 7: Retirement of the Week

Note that Facebook is removing a number of targeting options - many underway, some still available until mid-August eg targeting by income bracket and net worth

fb income demographic

Shot 8: Quote of the Week

“So if you need an extra boost to get out of bed this morning, if you need something more than caffeine can offer, use this: People are depending on you.”

Ryan Holiday - The Daily Stoic - July 21

Shot 9: Bonus Links of the Week


Tools to check out:


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