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Episode 146: New Year, Same Marketing? How Google Does SEO

Welcome to Episode 146 of HubShots!

Welcome to HubShots, APAC's number 1 HubSpot focussed podcast, where we discuss HubSpot tips and tricks, new features, and strategies for growing your marketing results.

This episode we chat about how to best plan for the year ahead in terms of your marketing. We dive into HubSpot’s super-useful auto rotation functionality for contacts, companies, deals and tickets. Plus, how Google does SEO for their own sites.

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HubShots, the podcast for marketing managers who use HubSpot hosted by Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found and Craig Bailey from XEN Systems.

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Recorded: 17 January 2019 | Published: Saturday 26 January 2019

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

It’s time to do your Annual Marketing Review

We do an annual marketing review with clients - here’s an overview of how we do it:


It’s a simple review of marketing strategies and tactics for the year ahead at a very high level.

Shot 2: HubSpot Sales Feature of the Week

We’ve swapped Shot 2 and 3 this show. We’re starting with the Sales feature (because we’ll build on it in Shot 3)

Automated lead rotation

Good reminder from Nick Dzienny about how powerful this can be for a franchise business.

It save’s effort (ie you don’t need a sales coordinator to assign out the leads.

But more importantly it saves you time - response time to prospects. This is the compelling consideration.

Shot 3: HubSpot Sales Pro Gotcha of the Week

Rotating leads based on availability.  We tried to do this for a client that had sales people away on different days and we were unable to rotate the leads to individuals!

Shot 4: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

Rotation options also added to Deal, Ticket and Company workflows eg:

hubspot deal rotate owner

Shot 5: HubSpot Marketing Starter/Free Tip of the Week

To see the value of leads generated by source, like Paid, Organic etc make sure you use the deals so you can track this.

We were using this as a way to help a client understand if the leads generated from Google Ads were good quality based on the invoice price.

Shot 6: Marketing Tip of the Week

Check your hosting company isn’t injecting their own scripts into your site. Godaddy does it automatically:


Google has SEO problem of their own, here’s how they approach improving their own Google rankings for sites:


Btw notice how Google prompts you to sign up for their newsletter as well when you hit the page.

And a reminder about Google’s guide to SEO:


Note: you need to be careful not to drink too much of the Google kool-aid - for example, the importance of links. It’s not just about ‘writing good content’

Shot 7: Insight of the Week

Thinking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)



Shot 8: Retirement of the Week

Google+ support getting removed from the Social tool on Jan 28:


(This is due to Google pulling support for the API: https://www.blog.google/technology/safety-security/expediting-changes-google-plus/ )

Shot 9: Resource of the Week

Seth Godin interview:


Shot 10: Quote of the Week

Seth Godin:


It’s backfiring because so many walk away from their great power. They walk away because they don’t want the responsibility.

We have the power to vote, but decide to stay home and whine.

The power to publish, but click instead.

The power to lead, but follow meekly.

The power to innovate, but ask for rules of thumb instead.

The power to lend a hand, but walk away.”

Shot 11: Bonus Links of the Week

How much of the activity on the internet is fake? Turns out, quite a bit:


More commentary:


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HubShots Episode 146: New Year, Same Marketing? How Google Does SEO

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