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Episode 168: Attribution and prospecting

Welcome to Episode 168 of HubShots!

HubShots - APAC's number 1 HubSpot focussed podcast - where we discuss HubSpot tips & tricks, new features, and strategies for growing your marketing results.

This episode we chat about things we are thankful for. In marketing, business and life.

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Recorded: Thursday 01 August 2019 | Published: Friday 16 August 2019

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Thinking through attribution

Simple examples:

  • Did Google Ads drive any leads


  • Did Google Ads help to drive leads when combined with other sources
  • Looking through the timeline of a contact record to see the touches


  • Which channels require the least sales touches to close a big client
  • What impact is sales having on the overall closure rate of clients
  • How many contacts do we need to be working with at a company to get the best closure rates (this is a big focus in ABM)

Shot 2: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

Attribution reports (again)

At its simplest the Sources report gives you a good insight into which channels are driving traffic and leads:

Sources Analytics   HubSpot

This is based on first touch attribution.

However the Attribution reports (in Enterprise), includes the option to give attribution to a range of touches (including first and last, all touches, decay, etc):

Attribution   HubSpot 4

This is really important for visitors who revisit via different channels

Key metrics to attribution reports in HubSpot:

Contacts assisted

The number of contacts that viewed your website through a particular touchpoint before converting. For the All Interactions, First and Last, or Simple Decay attribution methods, contacts can be assisted by multiple touchpoints. For the other models, contacts are assisted by a single touchpoint. This number includes conversions that occur on the attributed page itself.

% of contacts

The percentage of the total number of contacts assisted by the attribution object in your report. For the All Interactions, First and Last, or Simple Decay attribution methods, contacts can be assisted by multiple touchpoints. As a result, adding together the values in the % of Contacts column may exceed 100%.

Score / 100

The score is calculated out of 100 points that are evenly distributed across all the contacts assisted by the objects in your report. If a contact's influenced by more than one object, their score gets divided among these objects. With the simple decay attribution model, more recent objects get a higher percentage of this score.

You should note: No matter what metric you choose for your chart, you'll still see data for all three of these metrics in your report.

Shot 3: HubSpot Sales Feature of the Week

Prospects tool (again)

A useful way to see which companies are visiting your website

Prospects 1

Can be very important for following up with people who you’ve promoted to, but haven’t yet converted in your database.

Shot 4: HubSpot Gotcha of the Week

HubSpot support is impressive/awesome!

This week we interacted with Jocelyn!

Shot 5: Marketing Tip of the Week

Better forms

This form option is a welcome addition:

better form field

It appears on this page:


good form

I love those options.

And nice progressive form field usage as well - here’s what it looks like after submitting:

progressive form

(In case you are wondering this is a Pardot form, it’s not HubSpot, but as you know HubSpot forms have this same functionality so here’s a reminder to be making use of it.)

Thank you Merkle.

See also: https://www.craigbailey.net/better-forms/

Shot 6: Insight of the Week


Via: https://coywolf.news/content/ai-content-identification/

Shot 7: Resource of the Week

How Google keeps Search relevant and useful


When you come to Google Search, their goal is to connect you with useful information as quickly as possible. That information can take many forms, and over the years the search results page has evolved to include not only a list of blue links to pages across the web but also useful features to help you find what you’re looking for even faster!

Shot 8: Quote of the Week

One of the speakers at INBOUND!

“A trust leap is when we take a risk to do something new or to do it differently from the way that we’ve done something before.”

Shot 9: Bonus Links of the Week

Check out HubSpot’s new State of Customer Service in 2019 research report here.

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HubShots Episode 168: Attribution and prospecting