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Episode 71: Content Repurposing, and so much HubSpot Stuff

Welcome to Episode 71 of HubShots!

Welcome to HubShots, the podcast for marketing managers who use HubSpot hosted by Ian Jacob from Search & Be Found and Craig Bailey from XEN Systems.

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Recorded: Tuesday 07 February 2017 | Published: Thursday 09 February 2017

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Review of the latest HubSpot certification updates

Craig just renewed his Inbound Certification, and is really impressed with the updates. It adds some new sections on sales and marketing alignment.

The Content Marketing Certification is well worth going through as well.

Btw HubSpot’s Digital Marketing Hub:


Not sure if this is new or not, but everyone we follow at HubSpot is tweeting about it, so it’s obviously a focus at the moment.

Note: this description on the page is a little unhelpful in Craig’s opinion:

“Digital marketing doesn’t differentiate between push and pull marketing tactics (or what we might now refer to as ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ methods). In other words, digital outbound tactics aim to push a marketing message directly in front of as many people as possible online -- regardless of whether it’s relevant or welcomed. For example, the irritating, flashing banner ads you see at the top of lots of websites try to push a product or promotion onto people who aren’t necessarily ready to receive it.”

This is misleading because there’s good digital marketing and bad digital marketing, just as there’s good inbound and bad inbound. For example, there’s plenty of sites that will throw an annoying popup in your face - the HubSpot blog is a prime example.

Exit intent popups are a good example of an idea that is good in theory but bad in practice eg I often am reading a blog and will move my mouse out of the way - and get an annoying exit popup show.

Shot 2: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

We’re discussing content repurposing in this episode.

Here’s three quick ways to check which content is working well:

1. Page Performance report (under Reports).

Scroll through pages to view which ones have the highest CTA click through rate.

2. Attribution report (need to create a new Report from Reports Home)

hubspot attribution report

This is what you see in Professional:

Reports Home HubSpot

3. Blog post Analyze - Top Blog Posts by Conversion

View which posts have driven the most conversions.

Then click through to the full report to view Blog conversions.

BETA HubSpot Marketing tip - email prompt to suppress low engagement users:

Edit Email Melbourne announcement and Slack Search Be Found


How does HubSpot calculate low engagement?

  • If a recipient has never opened an email from you and has not opened the last 10 emails you've sent them, these are categorized as recipients with low engagement.
  • If a recipient has previously opened an email from you but has not opened the last 15 emails you've sent them, these are categorized as recipients with low engagement.

HubSpot Marketing want of the week: Would love to be able to A/B test website pages (ie same as you can with Landing Pages).

Shot 3: HubSpot Sales Feature of the Week

Call Queue


Pro tip: The country code must be included when dialing to or from a country outside of the United States. The format may include a "+" or not.  So example have +61 416 005 578.

Shot 4: Cafe Consulting

We had our first Cafe Consulting session last week - went really well.

Book in 30 minutes with us on 08 March in Sydney to discuss any HubSpot feature or topic. Book here:


Shot 5: Opinion of the Week

The ‘I left a comment’ entitlement.

If you leave a comment on ‘rented land’ you have no control over whether it will get deleted or not.

Bigger point: anything on ‘rented land’ is at risk of being deleted eg your Facebook page


Louder Minds: http://louderminds.com/

Louder Minds Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LouderMindsBlog/

Shot 6: Creative Top 10 of the Week

Ian’s challenge to Craig: come up with 10 ideas to help

Commercial Cleaning company starting in Melbourne and already established in Sydney for 10+ years

  1. Go through existing database and check every customer to see if they have an office in Melbourne, and then specifically reach out to them via a high-touch campaign offering multi-location deals
  2. Flash Mob with people sweeping, dusting, etc in central CBD area, t-shirts with company name on them
  3. Repurpose content to make it specific to Melbourne - include local landmarks, events, jargon to make it more personalised
  4. Consider it as an entering a new market, and use it is as a chance to test ‘rebranding’ eg focus on a premium brand versus budget etc. Run FB ads testing different options.
  5. Startup mentality with a separate growth hacking group that are given 12 weeks to try a ton of new ideas related to positioning on social channels
  6. Test new ‘disruptive’ ideas - since there is no risk - eg no contract options, cleaning during the day, dress in suits, smell nice - as opposed to most cleaners who are dressed in dirty clothes, wear a cap and smell bad.
  7. Partner with other providers eg commercial plumbers, electricians, document shredding, catering, tech support, office moving, etc in an area to provide a suite of office services
  8. Offer add-on services for office workers eg keyboard cleaning, monitor wiping
  9. Target serviced office providers eg WeWork to help startups
  10. Seasonal campaigns eg if launching in winter, offer an office sanitiser special where you sanitise every desk and keyboard as part of the first clean. Leave mini-sanitiser bottle on every desk
  11. UberClean - kind of like a AirTasker or TaskRabbit for cleaning - just focussed on connecting cleaners with offices that need ad-hoc cleaning

Shot 7: Podcast of the Week

Thanks to Samantha Alford for having us on The Daily Hub - you can listen to the interview here:


Shot 8: Resource of the Week

Refurbishing old content:


Good Whiteboard Friday presentation by Britney Muller

Including taking existing content, putting it in other formats (see Neil’s post below for good suggestions), and then posting on other sites.

Eg I’ve seen a lot of people write blog posts that answer a question, which they add on their own site, then they add to Medium, then they add as answers on Quora (sometimes straight copy and paste) - James Altucher is a good example of doing this.


I’m reluctant to link to any Neil Patel sites these days because the popups and takeover banners are so annoying, but I think this one is worth reviewing.

Other examples including taking an existing blog post, and turning into a Slideshare deck.

Shot 9: Quote of the Week

"But that's not what I meant"

By Seth Godin

There's no more urgent reason to write.

It keeps you from insisting that people read your mind, understand your gestures and generally guess what you want.

If you can learn to share what you hope to communicate, written in a way that even a stranger can understand, you'll not only improve your communication, you'll learn to think more clearly as well.

The person who most benefits from your writing might be you.


Shot 10: Tip of the Week

Focus on subject lines:

email subject line spam

Shot 11: Bonus Links of the Week

Other stuff we’ve been reading and recommend, but had to cut from the show:


Potential new tool to use:

We are in the process of using Leadsbridge - https://leadsbridge.com/

Some of Craig’s reading:


Craig’ book recommendations

Disrupted by Dan Lyons - book review coming in the next few weeks

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HubShots Episode 71