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Episode 9: 10,000 Hours

Episode 9: 10,000 Hours

Welcome to Episode 9 of HubShots!

Recorded: Tuesday 01 December 2015

In this episode we cover:


HubSpot issues: http://trust.hubspot.com/?p=1659
What is your business continuity plan? Do you actually know?

Shot 1: Inbound Thought of the Week

Is it possible to do your 10,000 hours in inbound marketing?

By the time you get to 10,000 hours the whole industry has changed…

Take away: don't get too fixated on practicing 10,000 hours of tactics, instead practice adding value - if you’ve done 10,000 hours adding value to your company then you well on the way to being a master

Shot 2: HubSpot Feature/tip of the Week

Workflow tips:

  1. Test option in Workflows - you can test receiving all the emails in a workflow
  2. Setting Lifecycle stages in workflows - need to clear a lifecycle stage if you want to downgrade it
  3. Workflow branching prompt - if adding or deleting a branch option:

HubSpot Workflow Delete Branch options

btw did you know the Lifecycle stage is automatically set to ‘Lead’ if a person fills in a form:

Some good workflow examples: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33635/12-Automated-Email-Workflows-You-ll-Kick-Yourself-For-Not-Using.aspx

Action item: what workflows are you using? If none go build one and point them to the workflow resource on Hubspot blog.

Shot 3: Challenge of the Week

A follow up to Brendon’s challenge of the week
Contact details getting overwritten: http://sales.hubspot.com/knowledge/contacts-companies/article/why-was-my-contacts-email-address-overwritten:

"Keep in mind that when visitors first come to your site, a cookie is dropped in their browser that is used to track them on their journey through your website. If they leave and come back, that cookie is still tied to them. When a submission is captured, it is tied to that cookie and that data either creates a new contact record or updates an existing contact record if they already exist. Since the cookie is unique to the visitor, if multiple submissions happen under the same cookie, the cookie recognizes this as updated contact information, not a new contact."

I was looking for a way to build a list based on people’s history for a particular contact property changing - but it doesn’t look like it is possible.

Action item: Be aware of the power and danger of forms using cookies

Shot 4: Opinion saving for EP10

Join us next episode for a discussion around marketing trends.

Shot 5: General Tip of the Week

A/B testing is dangerous: http://kadavy.net/blog/posts/aa-testing/

Lies, damned lies and statistics...

Action item: Be aware of the misleading possibility of statistics

Shot 6: Listener Tip of the Week

Have you got a tip of the week? We are inviting listeners to send us their own tips, and if really good we’ll mention you and your tip on the show.

Please leave a comment below, use our Contact form, or tweet us at @HubShots with #hubshots

Shot 7: State of Inbound Item of the Week

CMI Australian Content Marketing Report Item of the Week


Caveat: 3714 respondents, 146 in Australia

  • p6 81% of marketers say they use content marketing (down from 89% last year)

Content marketing is defined as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

  • p15 92% use social media content as part of their content marketing tactics
  • p17 86% use LinkedIn, 79% Twitter, 76% Facebook

Shot 8: Motivation of the Week

More from the CMI report:

CMI Australian Survey Maturity Level

  • p7 only 3% of marketers describe their content marketing maturity level as ‘sophisticated’. 27% said ‘mature'

Action item: the majority of marketers are still getting to grips with their content marketing, so you have an advantage if you can mature quickly

Shot 9: Resource of the Week

Moz (@moz) Content Marketing Guide:

Shot 10: Community Item of the Week

Content Sells Podcast - Suzi Dafnis (@suzidafnis) and Michelle Falzon (@michelle_falzon): http://contentsellspodcast.com/11-step-2-secret/

"The Step 2 Secret basically works on the premise of providing the next step to your ideal customer right in the moment of their greatest interest or need."

Basically: optimising your thank you pages to have ideal ‘next steps'

Action item: Make sure you listen to the episode and download their 10 examples PDF.

Finale: it all comes back to value…as we said at the start this is all about your 10000 hours on practice providing value...

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