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Episode 193: HubSpot Quotes. Again. And SEO

Welcome to Episode 193 of HubShots!

This episode we chat about improvements to Quotes in HubSpot Sales Hub. And why you should use the  SEO recommendations tool plus the importance of Business Process Optimisation.

Listen to the episode here: https://soundcloud.com/hubshots/193-hubspot-quotes-again-and-seo

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Recorded: Thursday 03 March 2020 | Published: Friday 13 March 2020

Shot 1: Growth Thought of the Week

Connect with us on LinkedIn

Connect with Ian on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ianjacobau/

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Shout out to Charles McKay.

Shot 2: HubSpot Marketing Feature of the Week

SEO Recommendations:

hubspot seo recommendations

Most of the recommendations are quite helpful.

Some (eg the H1 item) aren’t as problematic (eg here’s Google talking about how it doesn’t matter having multiple H1 tags to have on a page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsgrSxCmMbM

Shot 3: HubSpot Sales Feature of the Week

Quotes is now its own section (under the Sales menu)

hubspot quotes menu

Recall and Edit quotes (as long as they haven’t been accepted).

hubspot quotes recall

This solves a bunch of my complaints about Quotes - as we discussed in episode 190 recently:


Shot 4: HubSpot Extra of the Week

Search knowledge articles in chat.  What is good about this is people have the choice to search the knowledgebase before starting a chat!


Shot 5: HubSpot Gotcha of the Week

HubSpot releasing an update that solves the problem we complained about a few episodes earlier.

Shot 6: Marketing Tip of the Week

Understanding where people are in their journey with your business.

Create a contact property that contains clear options that are not necessarily time-based.  They could be:

  • I am starting my journey
  • I am shortlisting products/services
  • I am about to decide on products/services

Shot 7: Insight of the Week

HubSpot Onboarding = Business Process Review and Optimisation, combined with HubSpot Implementation

We’ve been working with a client, doing their HubSpot setup. What’s become clear though is that their internal processes won’t support the outcomes they are looking for in HubSpot (Eg proper end to end reporting). What’s needed first is to properly define the processes between marketing and sales that will ensure the right data is being captured in HubSpot.

Only with that in place can accurate reporting be achieved.

Shot 8: HubSpot Throwback of the Week

HubSpot added the ability to include attachments in Chat bots:


Shot 9: Resource of the Week

Facebook Insights to Go > https://www.facebook.com/iq/insights-to-go

facebook insights australia

The caveats: only 1000 or so people, and from more than 2 years ago.

Shot 10: Quote of the Week

“Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.”

― Dharmesh Shah

Shot 11: Bonus Links of the Week

Please rate and leave us some feedback as this helps us improve and reach more marketers.

Episode 193: HubSpot Quotes. Again. And SEO

Full Transcript of HubShots Episode 193

- Hi everyone, welcome to HubShots, episode 193 in this episode we chat about improvements to quotes in HubSpot sales and why you should use the SEO recommendations tool plus the importance of business process optimization. You're listening to Asia Pacific's number one HubSpot focus podcast where we discussed HubSpot tips, tricks, features, and strategies for growing your sales and marketing results. My name is Ian Jacob from search and be found. And with me is Craig Bailey from Zen systems. How are you Craig?

- I'm really well.

- What are you rubbing on your hands?

- I'm rubbing hand sanitizer. You know why? coronavirus it's just everything. Coronavirus what's the reason for this top market going? Coronavirus.

- That's exactly right. Slow sales It's coronavirus

- I don't mean to make light of it by the way. It is you know, quite important and a serious issue. But yeah in Australia, can you buy a hand sanitizer anywhere? No sort out anyway you wanna buy tissues.

- I was not even aware because I haven't been to the supermarket in the last week. And for you to tell me, and I just actually did a search and saw some news online where people were, had tweeted about empty shelves in bullies. I was like, what really did I miss this? Anyway, there you go.

- Look, I think that's really interesting. It comes down to marketing in a way because there's two things. One is the medical facts and situation, which depending on who you read, you might have different opinions. You know, we are actually having dinner with a friend of ours. She works, she's a doctor in the emergency section in a local hospital and she said, look, she gets daily briefings and updates on it. They're well prepared for it, but it's not a big problem. It's containable you know all this like not panic about it. Be mindful, be careful. That's the medical side of it, right? Then there's the media side, which is seems to be inducing panic everywhere. People rushing and yeah supermarkets being completely cleaned out because people are stockpiling, waiting for this massive panic that's gonna go on and in some ways possibly will simply because it's a self fulfilling prophecy. So it's really interesting just how this is communicated through social and all the different channels and news outlets and things like that. In some ways, this is the first time we've seen something like this amplified so much.

- yes

- I think back to the mayors in surs

- Correct, yes.

- Earlier on in when social was such a big pace.

- Yeah, interesting times, interesting times. We live in interesting times. Now Listen, thank you for connecting with us. Those haven't connected with us. Please do connect with us and leave a note while doing so saying that you listen to the show. We'd love to hear from you.

- I had a few more this week connecting on LinkedIn, so thanks for that lovely to meet you and you know we should do a shout out. Hey, should we shout out to her in,

- I feel like we haven't spoken in Charles Buckeye for a long time.

- What's Charles up to? Yes, Charles, what are you up to? I hope you're doing well Charles.

- All right, Craig, onto our marketing feature of the week and this is the SEO recommendations tool within HubSpot and really there to focus on all the quick wins that we can have with SEO recommendations and it's prioritized based on levels. So that's what I'd like to say. Now if you don't look at this part of the tool, I would encourage you to go in and have a look. We actually went into some of our accounts we were like, Oh, there's some duplicate content, you know, pages that didn't have enough text on it. So it's a great addition to make sure that we are taking the full toolset and utilizing it to our ability.

- Yeah, full advantage of it. And we've got a screenshot in the show notes of the SEO recommendations for the HubShots side, which I thought was quite good. I'll just make a comment. I thought most of the recommendations are pretty good. There's a few which, and admittedly it was bottom of their list 'cause not a high priority, but they had about should only have one H one tag on your page. And of course we know now that's not actually a problem. You can have multiple H once it's fine. And we've actually included a link to YouTube where John Mueller from Google says, look, it's fine. So there are some of those kind of what they used to call conventional wisdom in SEO that no longer apply that they've still got in there. But by and large all the recommendations are quite useful, especially in duplicate content. And especially we found duplicate page titles on a bunch of our HubShots site pages, which I would not even think to check because I'd be like, well of course not. Of course we had unique titles cause we did that now, I'm spot identified we hadn't so really useful. Give it a look.

- I think almost make this a monthly process, Craig, of when you're looking at your numbers and your figures and what's going on in your business, I think there should be a part of their process.

- I agree.

- All right, I'll try a sales pitch of the week, Craig now quotes is now under the menu under sales and okay so let me just caveat this. You will only see this if you have sales pro or sales enterprise. If you've got sales data, you are not gonna say quotes under there just yet.

- How many episodes ago? It was a three I think episode 190 I was complaining about this.

- You were, I actually heard about it.

- In fact, it's one of the things I've highlighted to customers and prospects when we're talking about quotes cause they'd like, ah, so tell us about the sales side and quotes. I'm like, look, the first thing you gotta know about quotes, you can only get to them via deals. We create these custom properties so that you know you can track whether a deal has, and we talked about this in episode 190. And I was complaining about it saying, oh that's surely they should change this. Ding, ding, Couple of weeks later it's there. So it's a under the menu, under the sales when your quotes, you can see a full list of your quotes. It's really good. Obviously the HubSpot team have been planning this for ages. Then you can see what you can filter by status and owners.

- It's really good. It's exactly what we wanted.

- We wanted, so thanks Dharmesh and thanks that HubSpot team. And what are we most excited about in these quotes, Craig?

- Well yeah, but I've really got a time, my complaints, you know and I'm sure, well we recorded a couple of weeks ago, probably only came out a week or two ago and anyone that would listen to it at least as we go, what, it's another salesman, one of these Turkeys going on about, well that's me. I'm the Turkey. Really glad to say this. Thank you HubSpot.

- Now there is a feature that I really like in there which hasn't been in there, which is the recall and edit provided the quote hasn't been accepted, which was not there before.

- It wasn't and again, something that I complained about I think much along quite a while ago. It might've been in the 170's or one of those episodes where the first one it through quotes, it's really becoming mature now. I think this quoting process, so really good to say.

- See if you haven't looked at it and you've been thinking about utilizing quotes in your business and you've thought, Oh it's not quite right there. Now's a good time to go and re look at it and see if you can implement it.

- Oh, by the way, another shout out to Nick's Eny

- Oh Nick.

- 'Cause I was complaining about quote. He is good. I was complaining to quotes about quotes to him a month or so ago. I say, no, yeah it doesn't do this. And you know, it doesn't though that. And he's like, ah, yeah, well I do know that the sales the dev team are pretty keen to improve quotes this year. I bet he knew about this, but he couldn't tell me. He wasn't able to smell the veins. I guess internally they must know about this, you know, weeks or months since I answer, I'd love to, I'd love to get that inside track.

- But you know how good that we get to test beta features. So we are very grateful for that.

- Yeah.

- All right, And to HubSpot extra of the way Craig and this is searching the beta search knowledge articles in chat and this is, I think this is great because what it does give people the choice to actually search for something or self-help themselves before starting in chat and it's available all through the site. And I think that's a great new addition to the chat feature.

- I agree, when I first saw this I was like, I didn't quite understand the benefit of it until you explained to me how it works and he was my thinking and I just mentioned this listeners, cause perhaps this is what you're thinking. Like why would I wanna search articles, knowledge base articles from the chat? Why don't I just use the search on the articles page? You know, it's a pretty good search. Why did I do it in a chat and as you highlighted two myths well because the chat could be anywhere. It can be on a product page, they pop open the chat, can we do it? Well there's a knowledge base article rather than chatting actually with person. I think this is really good. And of course now that I see your point of view and how you explain, I'm like, Oh, of course. How did we not have this before? It's one of those obvious in hindsight things.

- Yeah, and you know what's interesting is, and this was years ago I think I listen to somebody who is heading up innovation at Telstra, which is our largest telecommunications provider here in Australia. And one Of the things with their support was that they discovered people love to self-help themselves. And I think it was a massive numbers like 70 to 80% of people jumping on to get help solve their own problems by going through support articles and finding things and knowledge bases or forums and resolving without even talking to a support agent, which was fascinating. And just give, gave more impetus for them to make sure that they were actually keeping all their documentation, their knowledge base up to date, replying to people on forums and making information readily available.

- Onto HubSpot gotcha of The week Craig. All right, So you know what the HubSpot gotcha is just a few weeks after me complaining about something. They release obviously a product update. They've had it planned for months and they're basically saying Gotcha. So thank you. So no actual problems. But yeah, they got me.

- All right, onto our marketing feature though way Craig, and this is understanding where people are in their journey with your business. Now while we're talking about this is people often, especially the people that are using HubSpot will often get confused when someone fills in a form, they give them out as a lead. And then I think when there's, you know, there's different, there's a lead, there's an opportunity, there's a marketing qualified lead, there's a sales qualified lead. So these are kind of like the lead statuses along the way, But then there's a life cycle status where people sometimes might not understand how that would apply to their business. And why I wanna do this is if that doesn't feature business and you're trying to understand where people are in the journey with you, there are some really simple things you can do. And I would say to create a contact property in HubSpot that addresses this. I'll just tell you some three really simple things that you could do just to understand where people are in their journey so you know when to contact them. The first thing might be you might actually understand that, your first value is, I'm starting my journey so I'm at the start of this journey. Probably not gonna talk to someone. Maybe I just wanna get information. I want to know what's going on and I wanna get some value out of this. Second one you might be saying, I am shortlisting my products or services. So you know people actually now deciding what they want to do. So they're in that process of I guess decision in essence with the products and services. Oh sorry, Not the more in consideration. And then the third one would be that you could say, I am actually about to decide about certain products or services. Then you know, Oh okay they're at the pointy end of this and maybe now is a good time to if they select that is maybe if you're progressively profiling someone is to give a option to hey would you like to talk to somebody in sales and if so can we have your number? So these are re three clear points that you could start off with and get a clear indication of where someone is in that journey with you.

- All right, so just so I understand Clear on this, this might be a question that you ask them on a form and the three options would be, and I'll just repeat them cause you covered them. The three options. I am starting my journey. Number two I am shortlisting products and services. Number three I'm about to decide on products and services. I think they're really good and I think as I said last episode, that word shortlisting I think is such a good word to ask people. The only potential, the suggestion I have that first one, I am starting my journey. I don't know, people relate or resonate with the word journey, but if you said, I am starting my research, You could

- Correct.

- You know, and for your industry or whatever change at appropriately.

- Exactly, So I pull this out from work because we deal with a lot of builders. So what they actually say in this first one is I'm starting my building journey. So it's very clear that it's relate to a building journey that they're on.

- That's really good. I really liked this and I just think this is such a nice nonconfrontational way to ask people that as soon as they see short lists. Yeah, right okay I know that's consideration. What am I gonna go and do to give proof and things like that. And of course when there I'm about to decide ding ding, get on the phone.

- And you know why we did this was we were in a situation with a customer vans where there were too many leads and they were trying to figure it out, sales we're trying to figure out who should they talk to and not be concerned about. And this was one of the key questions that we were asking so we could understand where people were in that process. I think this is really good. I think it's very user friendly as well 'cause as a user, if I'm on a site and I fill that out in a form or possibly even a chat box for that matter, I feel I'm in control because I know if I say I'm just researching, they're not gonna call me. I know if I say I'm gonna I'm bound to decide they'll call me and quite often I'm like, I want this person, I wanna be contacted straight away, call me. So I'll choose the third option. It's great for me and I think for someone putting it out there like really clear rather than trying to amuse some vague thing to trick them into revealing where they are in the journey for the sales benefits for the user benefit. I think this is really good. This is really good tip man.

- And then, you know, that next question I said that we ask quite frequently if they choose option threes, would you like to talk to somebody? And that's like a yes or no. And so people will often say, so you're getting a really clear yes or no. It's not about, Oh, I'm kinda deciding and I don't want to. And this is a really very clear, helpful,

- I love those forms that say, would you like us to call you exactly what you've done, yes Call me, and of course when you call me, I'm very receptive. Okay, inside of the week, Craig, I'm gonna talk about what HubSpot onboarding is And isn't and perhaps should be Based on a a current onboarding process, We're going through with the client. We call it on boarding we call it HubSpot ignition. That's one of our products. You know, it's basically a three month onboarding piece. And in their mind they thought they're just buying a set up, get us to come in and it's an agency set up their HubSpot portal. A little bit of training, but you know, set up all the things, you know, templates, all that kinda stuff. Well I can't cool with so that was our understanding. As part of that, we say like what's a key pain point? And for many companies in this company as well, it's reporting. We can't see end to end reporting. We want great reporting. We're like great. That's what HubSpot's perfect for, pull it all in one place. So right send us through some of your reporting requirements. Okay, they did that on the sales side and the marketing side, we're having a call with them going through the marketing side cause it they sent like it's 10 page document of all the reporting they want. I'm like, my goodness, I think there's bit overkill, but actually put together by a very thoughtful person who runs marketing. I thought it was, I think he did a good job of putting it all together. But I know from experience that's like this is overkill. Yeah. It, it's just like, you know the Holy grail of reporting. Anyhow, so we're going through that and here's the point. I'm getting to, we thought we were just setting up HubSpot actually what it turned out that they needed it was business process review. Going through their processes and working out what's not gonna work. And what's not gonna work is that sales didn't have a process for updating back into HubSpot around quotes about process, around leads, lead quality. Cause we've talked to marketing and they're saying, yeah, we wanna know which leads or which sources are actually draining revenue. And I'm like, oh do you have any sense of which leads are good now I know sales don't tell us. Oh is there anything there? No, so there's a whole process here which they didn't have in place and they are particularly a particularly mature client because they're like craig, we identify, we need that now we see that, let's get the processes going. So why am I talking about this inside of the week, here's the thing. Quite often I think especially 'cause this project was led by marketing, although they knew they needed a bit of sales buy-in, but that was gonna come later. What they thought was just HubSpot set up and magically it's gonna fix, you know, and show me reporting. But actually it turns out their processes couldn't accommodate and we just, we're not gonna feed the data in. So here's the thing for marketing managers and in fact sales managers as well If you're getting HubSpot. You've gotta review your processes. And so our next calls with them are gonna be getting the sales team. What's your process, What do you do, are you prepared to do this? Because you can't force sales people to do and you know, some of the best salespeople, often the top performer just does not update the system. I don't know what there is. There's a personality, a two hour, too good out there selling they don't have time for updating the system. So there's a process that needs to be implemented and agreed upon. Even just this, well, HubSpot call it an SLA. I don't know if any companies actually do have an SLA of such, but it's an agreement between marketing and sales. But simple things like, okay, we're gonna send you this many lanes, but you gotta tell us whether these lanes are any good. The best way you can do that, well, you could tell me, but you could update that in HubSpot so that we can see that and report on it. So I think that's the takeaway as marketing managers in your business, if you're trying to get HubSpot buying and make it useful, you've got to get those processes reviewed and in some time in some cases changed to accommodate the input of all the data and the touch points.

- I agree, Craig, I've just, with one of our clients, we're sitting on sales meetings now and it just is more apparent to me how vastly different people are within sales teams and then, but some of those new reports, we can see average time to close deals and average sales activities to get a deal to a closed stage. It's very apparent. It's either the kind of deals people are getting and a working on or it's the person who's working on the deals where we're actually seeing if they actually logging it correctly, then we're measuring it correctly for the duration or are people sticking in things as they're way down the process and then they see a really short sales cycle. So it is very important. And one of the things I discovered, I was looking at the deals, I'm like, well how do I help? Like from a marketing perspective, how do I help you guys on the sales team? Close the deals quicker, faster maybe we can do some, you know, retargeting to people. We can send them content that will help them. Trying to understand that. But one thing I realized in that whole discussion was when I was talking about that then some of the sales guy said, Oh, so some of the things we've given quotes for an in system. I'm like, well how do I get a clear representation of what is actually happening in the pipeline, if not every, if everything's not there. And so again, this is like having a deal is great, right? So that's one part of the process. A lot of these guys were giving out quotes. They are actually not using any quoting tools because of the kind of products and all the accessories and everything that were being put in. So quotes are happening in all these different ways from word documents then from different systems. So one of the things we're working on is actually trying to tie that together. So if a quote goes out, we know that it went out and it's actually coming into HubSpot. So that's the next thing we're working on because again, you know, some things are quick, some things are long. So really got to understand the breadth and the depth of this team and what their needs are to make things happen.

- That's a great insight there. Sometimes just getting that data back as reveal deficiencies. You'll laugh at how absurd this one is, but at the same company, so they're using Capterra to drive a lot of leads and they tend to be good quality leads. You're also using Google ads to drive leads. Now we see them on the marketing side as conversions. They go through as leads and in some cases get upgraded to marketing qualified Jera behavior. They only found out recently. They go and talk to their sales team. They go, ah, so what? They're trying to get a gauge on which leads are working so then well you know, do they spend more. sales guys I yeah, those Capterra leads. As soon as the Capterra leads, they're on the phone to them 'cause they're almost a guaranteed salary. Very high quality, higher purchase intent laid right, as you'd expect from Capterra. This is a software company, right?

- Google ads I say, Oh, so what about the Google Oh we don't really follow them up. They've got ad lead sitting there, there have been there for months that haven't even been followed up by the sales team yet.

- Wow.

- Right now they can't see that from the marketing side. All they're seeing is Google ads is driving cost per leaders Reasonable leads are going in, but because they're not seeing the end and not getting any feedback from the sales team, right. Sounds so obvious, right? This company is doing very well. They're very successful. So when companies are doing, growing successfully, all that kinda stuff doesn't really get focused on, but it's a missed opportunity and also wasted money. It's like, should they just stop Google ads? Maybe, maybe not. That's another discussion because Capterra they've actually peeked out like there's only, you know, there's only so much inventory that you can get, right? So you've gotta be looking at other channels and they've gotta be building enterprises. So, and unless that feedback's coming back, you can't really track it and say this again, the process, getting that kinda daughter in.

- I think it's really important to understand and you don't get this understanding by sitting in isolation. A lot of the people we work with the ones that work really well, it's where sales and marketing sit together on a weekly meeting and there she's here, what's going on? So in both ways it's like marketing gets feedback and goes, well I could improve this to give you a better understanding of the customer or the potential customer. Sales might be like, Oh this isn't isn't working well can we improve that? So there are just little things like even understanding for one of our customers is people when there were bad to talk to people, they were collecting a suburb, right? it's a free text field type in where you're located. Now, one thing that I've found out in Australia for example, we have postcodes and they're generally for numbers and there's very little aversion for people typing in. It's usually pretty accurate, right? Whereas you could misspell a suburbs or locations, but when you have to type in four digits, people always get 99% of time, get that right. So then it made our tracking in the sales meeting much easier because we were like, Oh, here are all the people that from these postcodes that are, so we've got a report from this particular postcode. People are inquiring form and gives us a good information. Whereas before there were all of these, you know, suburbs that look kinda the same. I'm showing up in a report and we didn't so it was all over the place, but it was something that we picked up in a salesman. It's like, how do we make this better for them so that they don't have to guess what's going on? All right under HubSpot throwback of the week Craig. You know they're talking about a year ago on the HubSpot product updates blog,

- including attachments in chatbots.

- Did you even know you can do that?

- I had no idea Craig.

- Chatbox you can come to a step and you can offer them a PDF download or an attachment. Well there you go, there's something we can go and implement right now,

- exactly. I wonder how many people are actually using that. I'd love to know, but there's so many. It's so easy to miss these things. I didn't even know about it, but I mean it's such an obvious thing. It's almost like chatbot qualify them. Okay, here's your download.

- Here's the PDF. and you know what? There is like in the screenshot previously we were talking about the chat bot and being able to read the knowledge base. There are templates in there when you're creating your chat bot as to what you want to happen. So you know if it is to book a meeting, is it to qualify a lead. So I would actually recommend people to do that and going to use that or even set that up and test it out. Because if you don't test these things out and understand what's possible, you could miss a whole bunch of things. And this is a great opportunity while people are sleeping to take advantage of and be ahead of the game. All right Craig on Theresa of the week and last week we talk about Facebook insights and this is called Facebook insights to go.

- Last week it was based book insight about people. Today it's about to go, so we put a screenshot in there. It is kinda cool because you can filter down by region, industry, people, moments, campaigns, platforms and it's, it's quite visual. So it just tells you some interesting stats and you've got a screenshot. One of the stats says that in Australia, 62% of gen Z is surveyed expect brands to contribute to society. that's interesting.

- It's interesting that 38% don't.

- Yeah, that's right.

- Actually, I don't know. It's the contrapositive tree. Does the 38% not expect them or is it yeah, I'd love to know what the, but yeah, 62% of the time and that's good.

- Yeah, that's right. Again, like last week I was said insights about people these insights you can use them in, in your marketing material, you can use them to understand what people are doing and you can download some of these and share it. So I would recommend people do that because it's actually interesting

- And great for slide decks to make you look smart.

- That's right. Now, what's the caveat on this, Craig?

- Well, I think like anything sample size was, well it's a thousand people, I suppose this statistical confidence, but it's small.

- It is. And some of these reports. One of the ones I had gotten down that interested me, which was about automotive. Was a sample size of 1007 from about two years ago, so that was interesting because until I looked really at the very fine print, don't not see that and let's always say, always look to see, to verify where this is coming from.

- I think that's right when they throw around a number, 62% of gen Z. It's like, well how many gen ZS is we've done?

- That's right.

- Millions right, and we've got a thousand responding to a Facebook conducted survey, yeah.

- That's taken with a grain of salt, but interesting nonetheless. All right Craig, I coded the week.

- Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant and that's by Dharmesh Shah, I believe in your Dharmesh.

- We do. Now listen, I hope you enjoyed this show. We would love if you could leave us a review on Apple podcasts, share the podcast with one person that you know and enjoy it and have a great week. Until next time, Craig, catch you later.

- Hey there, thanks for listening to this episode of HubShots for show notes and the latest HubSpot news and tips, Please visit us @hubshots.com.